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Revival Local Makers Consignment Contract Agreement *
This is an agreement between REVIVAL SHOP SEATTLE (RSS) and the undersigned (Consignor). The Consignor warrants that s/he is the lawful owner of the items subject to this contract and consigns them to RSS for the purpose of selling them. This contract limits our liability. Please read carefully and check the box below to indicate your understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions regarding items consigned with us. RECEIVING: Prior to delivery of merchandise, the consignor shall provide a complete and accurate list of inventory to be consigned, via email. This list must include a clear description of each item (metal, stone, material, etc.), the price and the quantity. Drop off and mailed in merchandise will be processed at the earliest convenience of our staff. We will email a copy of the contract with an itemized list of the inventory we accept. RSS shall retain possession and control of consigned merchandise for a minimum period of 30 days from date received. Merchandise may be reclaimed for a temporary or permanent pull with a minimum 72-hour written notice, after this time. Consignor shall assume all responsibility and cost for retrieval of said merchandise. RETAIL PRICE: Retail price will be an amount agreed upon between Consignor and RSS. Payment shall be fifty (50) percent of the retail price of the item unless otherwise specified in writing. RSS reserves the right to promote items online. MISSING OR DAMAGED ITEMS: While RSS safeguards consigned merchandise to the best of their ability. Consignor understands that RSS is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or missing merchandise. Consignor assumes all risks of the consignment, and agrees to not hold RSS liable in any way for loss associated with this consignment. No other warranty is valid, except as given in writing. Consignor agrees to repair damaged items purchased by customer due to defect, within reason. PAYMENT: Payment shall be fifty (50) percent of the actual selling price of the item unless otherwise specified in writing. Payments are made directly via PayPal/Venmo or mailed monthly.