Ashley Busacca : Co-Owner/Buyer

Ashley Busacca: Co-Owner/Buyer

Ryan Darcey : Co-Owner

Ryan Darcey: Co-Owner

▼ Our Philosophy

We believe in supporting and engaging our community by shopping local and promoting creative people within the greater Seattle area.  We also practice and encourage environmental responsibility by recycling, buying and selling pre-loved items that still have life and style.

The most important mission for us is making connections with our community.  Without you all, we wouldn’t be able to share what we love.  Whether it's online or at our shop, we encourage you to reach out and let us know how you feel about the space, our selection, prices and quality.  We hope to see and hear from you soon!

▼ Clothing & Accessories

Leveraging a lifelong passion of hunting for vintage and designer pieces at prices that she could afford, Ashley expanded her experience in retail by opening an eBay store in 2010.  While selling items online that she picked up from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, Ashley began building the foundation for what would later become Revival. Ashley’s love for fashion and design is the driving force behind this project.  Every item in the shop has been hand picked by her with the goal of creating a consistent, curated experience for our customers.

▼ Jewelry

From the beginning, Ashley focused her efforts on creating partnerships with local designers in the Pacific Northwest to supply all the jewelry at Revival.  It's our mission to support other small businesses and offer unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

▼ Home Goods

Searching for the perfect vintage furniture and kitschy collectibles has been a long time hobby for Ryan & Ashley.  They started by scouring local shops in San Francisco and have since expanded to the Pacific North West's amazing vintage scene after moving to Seattle in June of 2013.  With Revival, they've been given the opportunity to share some of their treasures along with newer items sourced by local designers.

▼ Art

Ryan and Ashley share a great passion for art and have a history of supporting local talent going back to their time in San Francisco. They've carried this passion through to Revival and feature dozens of local artists // makers.

Fashions fade, style is eternal.
— Yves Saint Laurent