Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell you some of my clothing?

Yes!  We would love to purchase your new/gently used pieces for resale.  Please see our SELL / CONSIGN / TRADE page for more info.

What are your purchasing hours?

Due to the number of drop offs coming into the shop, we now require an appointment to ensure we have the time to provide the level of customer service that you deserve.  Please see our SELL / CONSIGN / TRADE page to set one up.

How does consignment work?

Checks, Venmo and PayPal payments are sent out at the beginning of each month and will include payouts for all sales in the previous month.  Please see our SELL / CONSIGN / TRADE page for consignment contract details.

What type of stuff are you looking for?

We don't look for specific brands here at Revival.  Mainly, we're just looking for gently worn items (vintage, contemporary & designer) in great condition with plenty of life and style that we can successfully re-sell.  We do try to steer clear of fast fashion items such as Forever 21, H&M, Mossimo, etc.

We will pass on items with stains, tears missing buttons, etc. If there is an item we want to make an exception for but needs some TLC, such as washing, mending, de-pilling, we will assign an "As Is" price to that piece based on its condition.

Please bring in items that are freshly laundered and ready to hit the sales floor so that you can get the best return on your pieces! If you are still unsure of what to bring in, visiting our shop to view our collection should give you a better idea of our customer's style and clothing prices.  If in doubt, bring your stuff in for us to review!

As of this moment, we are not purchasing the following for resale, though it may change as our business continues to expand.

  • Men's Apparel
  • Athletic Apparel
  • Denim Pants
  • Hats & Scarves
  • Pre-Owned Jewelry
  • Designer Handbags
  • Furniture & Homewares

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yup!  Drop by the shop to pick one up or email us at

Do you sell men's apparel?

We do sell some items that would be considered unisex, but we do not explicitly sell men's clothing.

Do you sell furniture?

Our home goods inventory is limited to smaller items due to space restrictions.  A small selection of side tables and chairs are the largest things we currently carry.  If you're looking for larger furnishings, we suggest checking out Homestead Seattle or Rerun Room (no affiliation, we just love their stuff!).